Champagne Card Stage by Astor

Champagne Card Stage by Astor
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The A4 size of the Stage Version Champagne Cards makes it possible to present this trick both in parlor and stage environment.


Due to the graphics on the pictures, it isappropriate to use at special events and celebration parties.


The magician asks a spectator to sign a photo showing a Champagne bottle and an empty glass.


The card selected by the spectator or a previously vanished silk appears on the signed photo in the glass.


The signed photo can be examinedat the end by the spectators. It even can be given to a VIP spectator as a souvenir.


The photos are covered with a special layer so they can be re-used over and over, when using a dry erase marker.


Using a whiteboard marker the spectator's signature can be cleaned with a dry paper tissue.



9 photos (for various kinds of presentations) and the gimmick are supplied.


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