Cubus Game 4

Cubus Game 4
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The magician shows a stack of four separate blocks.


The cubes are clearly shown one by one, on all sides.

Each cube is numbered on one side only, from 1 to 4.

The cubes are stacked on top of each other, as follows from top to bottom: 4-3-2-1.


A red tube is shown empty and put over the cubes. If the tube is lifted, the blocks have sorted in a different order: "1" is now seen on the top, the "4" on the bottom.

This rearrangement of the cubes happens several times and becomes each time under a big round of applause, even more impossible.

And in between, the stack of blocks shows one time only even numbers and next time only odd numbers!


And then, comes the highlight of this mysterious, numerical piece of art: a spectator determines freely the order of the numbers.


The magician writes with chalk the chosen sequence on the outside of the red tube.


But when the cubes are shown, they are in a totally different order than the spectator has chosen, in short, the result is completely wrong!

Now the tube is put again over the cubes (this time with the correct magic words!), and when lifted the stack is shown with the numbers in the exact order as chosen by the spectator!!

Makes this version all the other classic effects with 6 cubes, obsolete? In no way.

Both versions have their advantages. The "big cube game" is more suitable for the stage, takes more time and requires a 'more detailed' presentation: there are two tubes and a double stack of cubes.


This version with 4 cubes and only one tube is perfect for a parlour presentation or when your suitcase doesn't have too much space.



The benefits:


  • In essence, the same effect, but shorter and more to the point.

  • The trick-mechanism is invisibly build inside the tube, in such a brilliant way that it is very easy to use and even at a short distance nothing suspicious can be seen.

  • The tube can be shown completely empty before, during and at the end of the routine .

  • The cubes (approximately 7,50 cm) are visible at long distance and made of unbreakable synthetic material, coloured throughout the mass. Even when a cube hits the floor, no paint comes off leaving a bare wood spot.
  • The figures written on the tube at the end of the routine, are put on erasable black foil. This allows the tube to be very light, which enables a simple and elegant handling.

  • This Cube Game 4, is perfectly suitable for all stand up situations: in a living room, at weddings, parties, children's performances  etc… and will never miss its impact!

  • Flawless working is guaranteed!

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