Lucid Coin by Marc Oberon

Lucid Coin by Marc Oberon
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Lucid Coin is powerful utility gimmick enables the performer to produce and vanish a large coin.


The 54 mm shiny coin seems to pop into view from an empty hand with no discernible finger movement, making this perfect for use with a Miser's Dream routine.

Marc has explained how he integrates the Lucid Coin in his act and even explains his awesome climax of a waterfall of coins flowing from each hand.

Whether you are looking to perform a Miser's Dream or just need a super visual vanish or production of a large coin, the Lucid Coin is for you.

  • - Super visual (just take a look at the trailer!)

  • - Practical and easy to master

  • - No black art or clothing modifications



If you want to produce a cascade of coins as in the Miser Dream routine by Marc Oberon we can provide one or more sets of extra thin coins. See " Magic Wishing Coins" by Alan Wong on our webshop



"Easy to learn, super visual, a perfect wow!" - David Stone


"A beautiful visual effect! I loved the ending to his Miser's Dream routine. Another example of Marc's great thinking."                    -
Ed Hilsum


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