Mental Colors

Mental Colors
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The magician shows an elegant box. From it he takes out a large die that has on each side a differently colored circle.


The die is put back and the box is closed.

Now he shows a frame and some cards with colored circles on them.


He asks a spectator to assist him and after shuffling the cards they are slipped face down into the frame.


Now the spectator freely selects any card, turns it over and shows the color of the circle on it.


When the frame is turned over there is a giant card that has it exactly the color chosen by the spectator!


But that’s not all, because when the die is taken out of the box, on each side it will have a circle with the specator's chosen color!




• The box measures cm 11,2  on each side and is cm 10  tall.


The frame measures cm 29 x 39,5 x 2,2 .


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