Mental Doll

Mental Doll
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                                                                                                                                                                                                           Whatever color of the 4 dolls the spectator chooses, it  will always match with your

prediction: a real doll in a box !



You show an empty cardboard box which could hold a doll.

The box is empty because everyone can see through the mica sheet on the front that nothing is inside.

Then you show 4 images of a doll, each in a different color: green, blue, red and yellow.


The spectator is invited to choose one of the images. Imagine he takes the one with the blue doll.

The image with the blue dress is put in the empty cardboard box.

The magician waves with his hand over the front of the box:

immediately the image is turned into a real doll with a blue dress, which van be handed out.

A surprising effect that is very easy to perform.

Which is suitable for both children and adults and can be combined with other effects!


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