Mental Vase

Mental Vase
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Mental Effect 1:

The mentalist shows a beautiful wooden vase.

He tilts it and has four colored wooden balls roll out of the vase on the table: yellow, blue, green and red.

Then he asks the spectator to think of one of the colors.

The mentalist reads the mind of the spectator and drops three balls in his own pocket.

He lets the fourth ball fall back into the vase (audibly!) without showing what color it actually is.

He asks the spectator what color he has got in mind, e.g. GREEN

Then the mentalist topples the vase and the only ball that rolls out of the vase is the GREEN one!

Mental Effect 2:

The same effect can also be shown as a prediction by asking the spectator to think of one of these four colors:

red, green, yellow or blue (or by combining with an another device you know which color he has chosen).

Whichever color he chooses, you let the matching color roll out of the vase as your prediction.

In other words with this prop you always get 4 "outs"

Mental Effect 3:

You tilt the vase and four balls roll out. You tell four spectators that you will influence their choice.

You place the four balls back in the vase one by one in a specific order but without showing the balls.

Then you put a second set of balls on the table and ask each spectator to name a color.

You now place the balls in a row, in the mentioned order.

You tell the spectators that their choice was less free than they might think because you influenced them.

Suppose the chosen order is blue, yellow, red and green ...

You topple the vase and every ball rolls out in exactly the same order as the spectators have chosen!

You will receive the beautifully made wooden vase (about 11.5 cm high and 8.5 cm in diameter) with an incredible and perfect mechanism at the inside.

When you will see this, you know that you really got a very good value for your money!

And of course you also receive 2 sets of wooden balls in the four colors with clear written instructions.

This is absolutely high quality magic equipment, which was made with great craftsmanship!


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