Sixth Sense 3

Sixth Sense 3
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Sixth Sense 3  is the evolution of the best-selling magnetic detection device.

With an extended range, multidirectional sensing pattern and self-calibrating digital circuitry, this device allows you to perform a variety of beautiful mind-reading effects including the classic ‘which hand’.

Now featuring polarity detection, not only can you detect in which hand your volunteer has hidden a magnetic coin, you can tell if it’s heads or tails!

The Effect


Borrowing a coin, you challenge a volunteer to a simple guessing game.


They hide a coin in one of their hands, and you guess which one it is in. If you get it wrong, they win $100.

You win, but propose a new game. This time you play again, but for $1000 …

Playing just as well in a casual environment as to an audience of thousands, this is only one of a number of possible effects that can be performed, including Smash and Stab, Free Will, and multi-spectator Kurotsuke routines.



Extended Range


Sixth Sense 3 is the only device in the world capable of reliably detecting a magnetic coin at a distance of more than 10 cm.

This enables a natural and convincing performance without any ‘scanning’ motion or missed reads.

Recommended Coins/Items: Range

  • Magnetic US Half Dollar – Super Strong: + 11 cm > 30 cm!
  • Magnetic 50 Cent Euro Coin – Super Strong: + 10 cm and more!
  • PK Ring (Wizard FX): 13 cm
  • Larger magnetic objects (Scorpion, Spike): 30,5 cm


No calibration routines, wires, settings, or complicated hookups.


Just turn the unit on via the switch at the base and Sixth Sense 3 automatically configures itself in a fraction of a second.


Keep it in a pocket and perform your favourite effects wherever and whenever you want.

Advanced Miniaturisation

At 33 x 22 x 8mm, Sixth Sense 3 is the smallest digital magnetic sensor in the world. In fact, it’s so small that it can be placed under a watch strap, allowing the ‘Which Hand’ effect to be performed in short sleeves for the very first time.

To make this possible we’ve completely redesigned the original device with tiny, low-profile components – upgrading it with a brand new 3-axis digital sensor and on-board microcontroller.

The reduction in size has been achieved without compromising performance or battery life.


Sixth Sense 3 is incredibly easy to use, and can detect magnetic objects at any angle.

Polarity Detection

As of version 3, we’re introducing polarity detection. That means that not only can the sensor tell you where the coin is, it can also tell you which way up it is! If the coin is ‘heads’ it’ll vibrate once. If it’s ‘tails’, twice.

Perform a killer ending to ‘Which Hand’ by asking the volunteer to check if the coin is heads or tails and visualise it.


Predict the outcome of a coin toss. Locate the position of three different objects …

Unlimited routines for stage or close-up

Sixth Sense 3 is incredibly versatile. The device allows you to perform an almost unlimited number of routines, including (but not limited to)

Which Hand? – An audience member conceals a coin in one hand, leaving the other empty. If the performer fails to guess the location of the coin five times in a row, the audience member wins € 1000.


Smash and Stab – a spike or nail is concealed by a volunteer under one of several upturned paper cups. The performer flattens each cup in turn with his hand, leaving only the cup with the spike.


Kurotsuke – a bag is passed around containing several white balls and one black ball. Audience members take a ball each. The magician eliminates them one by one, leaving only the audience member with the black ball.

Free Will – A volunteer makes a number of seemingly random choices depending on the hand in which he/she placed the coin. The magician then reveals a written prediction that has been in full view the entire time.


Sixth Sense 2.5 is more than just a detection device – it’s an entire show on your wrist. If you’re performing any kind of mentalism routines – street, stage or close-up – this device is invaluable.



  • Dimensions: 33mm x 20mm x 9mm
  • Battery life: 50hrs
  • Battery type: User-replaceable CR1632 batteries
  • Includes sensor, demo DVD, velcro wrist strap and written instructions


Please note: Magnetic coins must be purchased separately and are not included with the Sixth Sense 2.

We (Tabasco Magic) can provide these special coins as a pre-order !



Sixth sense 3  will be available again in December 2018 in an upgrade version!


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