Smart Bill

Smart Bill
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The magician shows the audience a bundle of white papers hold together with a paper strip.


He flips through the bundle on both sides so the audience can clearly see that all of papers are just normal white papers at all sides.

But, suddenly, when the magician shows the bundle to the audience again and is now shaking the batch, all papers turn into 200 euro banknotes !!

The magician can show the audience very clearly that every single paper has been changed into a banknote.

And now for the climax, once again, the magician holds the bundle of € 200 banknotes in his hand and with one shake of the banknotes, they are turned into a bundle of 500 euro banknotes !


Eventually, the magician can show each banknote clearly to the audience….



Very quick & surprising trick. A Miser's Dream with banknotes !


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