Switch Cup

Switch Cup
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SWITCH CUP the revolutionary, invisible changing tool, which will allow you to perform a wide variety of effects and routines!

This new version has many advantages: larger to accommodate different objects (corner of a card, folded card, post-it, ticket, paper, etc.), more modern design and still the same incredible working.

Truly, this has so many incredible uses, and you're limited only by your imagination.


In all the applications, you're able to demonstrate that a bill or card or prediction has been in full view, in the dish, since before the item was even created. Imagine the possibilities!

In the trailer you see an almost color-changing quality so they can illustrate the change.


But we suggest in your work you use it to reveal signed cards or bills or reveal predictions.


The mechanism that effects the change will last forever and is built with the highest quality.


The dish itself has an understated, decorative feel. It's natural in a home or restaurant setting, but adds interest if it's presented in a more formal environment.

The other point to realize with "Switch Cup" is that, as shown, the apparatus does 90% of the switch for you.


You must have whatever you wish to switch in concealed in one hand.


But this doesn't require any advanced sleight of hand. There are numerous ways to get into the necessary position without any difficult techniques.

Switch Cup looks like any Asian restaurant cup, in which people leave tips, so that makes this accessory an object you would never suspect!


This cup contains a diabolical secret, making it THE perfect tool for magicians and mentalists.


Just imagine a folded card in the SWITCH CUP lying on the table.


After your best signed card routine, the card revealed in the cup is the spectator's! IMPOSSIBLE!


Even better, a piece of paper is in plain sight in the cup from the start, the spectator then makes several choices and when the paper is opened, everything was predicted from the start.

 Easy to use and very simple to set up, Switch Cup will never leave your briefcase.



  • Change any flat object in less than half a second

  • Ingenious and completely undetectable

  • Quick reset

  • Perfect for table hopping

  • Can be used in parlour conditions or on stage

  • 8 routines included, nearly an hour of online video in English


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