The Joking Joker

The Joking Joker
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Excellent Card-Effect by Jean-Paul Mertens

Amazing audience involvement in a funny card effect from Belgium's close-up master.

After the cards are shuffled, you ask a man and a woman to retrieve the jokers from the deck.

But apparently there is only one joker found in the deck.

You take that joker and puts him back in the deck, " always getting trouble with those jokers !".

You fan the deck and let both spectators take a card and remember it.

The two chosen cards go back in the deck and the cards are shuffled.

"I'll first look for the card of the lady".

Indeed her card appears magically. You put her card in your wallet and ask the lady to keep it save.

And to the man you say, "Now it's your turn! ".

But instead of his chosen card it's again the joker showing up.

"I now have to use some magic."

Give a gentle tap with the joker on the back of the lady's hand which is still sitting on your wallet.

Turn the joker face up and show that it has changed into the lady's selected card.

The wallet is opened and she apparently takes out "her card". But it has turned to a joker!


She places the joker back in the wallet covering it with her hand.

Look to the man and say that you will try a second time to find his card.

Riffle the cards till the man stops you. However his chosen card is again a joker!

"As I already said, that joker is a kill-joy."

Ask the lady to take her hand of the wallet. "Madam, you put yourself that joker into the wallet, didn' t you ? "


Indeed she did.


You open the wallet and as the lady takes out that same card, she now holds to everyone's surprise, the card chosen by the man!

As everyone will say: this is real magic, isn't it?

You receive detailled English instructions and a very nice 5 star Himber wallet of the finest leather.


No difficult card slights. The reset is almost automatically.

On top of that you'll get the booklet "More Himbering Ways" by Steven Tucker : with 6 very easy to implement routines



Effects Include:

  • The Voodoo Card

  • In two Minds!

  • Card Warp Factor 2

  • Paradox Deluxe

  • The Glimpse

  • The Glimpse 2



An excellent product for a very good price!


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