Ultra Torch to Cane

Ultra Torch to Cane
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Ultra Torch to Cane

Grab immediate attention when you enter the stage!

Ultra Cane has been one of our best-selling items for years, now it is even better with this twist. 


It is an innovation of the classic effect, torch to cane:



  • -    Auto Ignition System (A.I.S.), entirely mechanical and highly reliable

  • -    No flash cotton/ string needed

  • -    Quick step and self-contained

  • -    Detachable version is available

  • -    Various colours are available

  • -    Extra accessories are available



Best used as an opening for your stage act, we have made this effect more affordable to professional performers and magic enthusiasts.

You receive all necessary props: automatic torch, metal appearing cane and a high quality tutorial (link)


This is a very well made professional tool !


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