Watch This by Rex

Watch This by Rex
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The first gimmick of the magician Hyun-Seok Kim, known as Rex, has finally come out!

He was reluctant to reveal it because he used this gimmick for a long time on stage.

Moreover, it contains know-how that he’s been using in competitions and performances over 7 years.

Finally we can offer it to you!??


At it’s core, the effect is quite straightforward.


A playing card visually transforms into a watch that the magician will immediately wear on his wrist!


This seems simple in writing.

But, once you watch the demo video, you will see how unbelievably powerful it is.


"Watch This" is SUPER easy to do.

In fact, if you are like us and love clever methods, you’ll think the gimmick is as cool as the effect itself.


You’re probably thinking though: “This looks great, but would never work in real life.”


But, that’s not the case at all.

"Watch This" actually has surprisingly good angles and you’ll learn multiple clean-ups that enable you to end the effect by placing the watch right onto your wrist.


That’s right, there’s nothing to hide.

Although some performers would easily present it in close up situations we would highly recommend it though for parlour and stage performances.

If you can control your angels, it will work perfectly in close up and of course virtual performances.


As for real table hopping it would be in our opinion less suitable,

But again if you want a super visual effect for stage or parlour, this is one of the strongest visual tricks you can find!.

The watch has a lovely luxurious design but is a magic gimmick that does not work as a time keeping wrist watch


You’ll receive the high-quality watch and everything needed to start performing right away.


Included :

  • Watch gimmick

  • card gimmick

  • online video instruction.


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